Modernize education with inquiry-based learning.

Consulting project to improve Acera's brand

To ensure non-traditional students can succeed, a team of consultants and I helped close the gap to higher education.

Acera is a K-8 school, giving students strong foundations for the modern world. It recognizes that rote memorization models, created for the industrial era, no longer apply to modern work-life. Instead, Acera prioritizes creativity, science, and leadership (and even emotional self-awareness). Students who graduate are prepared and enthusiastic but need to make it into a school for secondary education. Acera does not emphasize standardized tests, which means that when higher education institutions judge Acera students based on tests alone, those schools do not recognize Acera students' true merit.

I realized that the problem was not with the Acera students, but with the education system. Most education establishments employ traditional test-taking assessments and lack awareness about how Acera students stack up against peers.

To raise awareness throughout the education system about Acera students’ strong ability, I assisted building an Acera brand. The consultants and I made communication materials to pave a pathway toward success for students. Since my project, Acera has built new partnerships while continuing to grow their credibility and success.

I strive to aid organization missions by crafting brand messaging that urges listeners to take action. I like to use my communication ability to help social startups gain traction with their audience, cultivate the talent they need to grow, and develop partnerships that will benefit their business.