At one point, I started to ask the question, “why do I exist?” After a long search, I concluded there was no real way to know because there are limits on human knowledge. In place of a definitive answer, I made my aspiration to help humanity reach a point when it might one day discover its meaning.

Today, I strive to make the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals a reality. I look for ways to make the economy circular and ensure environmental sustainability. I endeavor to get everyone equal access to opportunity so that the best ideas can flourish.

Both desires push me toward a career in Product Management, where I create products to achieve those goals. I am always searching for ways to effectuate efficient systems, accessible information, and universal health.

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Although I had a heading, I was unsure what kind of person I wanted to be while I navigated through life. Everything seemed so much clearer when I was younger; once I left home, everything was thrown into question. I no longer had a distinct role model for the type of person I wanted to be.

Eventually, books became my guide. At their core, stories are representations of how admirable characters overcome adversity.

A friend of mine recommended The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand because she thought I reminded her of the protagonist, Howard Roark. There are few guideposts in life, but The Fountainhead is one. Howard Roark gave me a much-needed role model when I needed it.

Later, I came across Plato’s Republic. It instilled values like work should always be done in service to others, doing one’s work without getting in another's way is justice, and leading a "just" life is a better life.

Elon Musk’s biography is where I discovered how to enact my values in a modern context. He took his desire to prolong human existence and created a viable business model based on his values.

Many other books shape my personality, and I regularly find more. Lab Girl and Hillbilly Elegy are useful examples of how to gracefully shoulder stress. (If you’re curious, War & Peace, Letters from a Stoic, and The Inheritance Cycle are good as well.)

To understand me as a person, you can look at my role models.


How this relates to my teams

These authors helped me contemplate big questions. I hope to bring some of the character traits I picked up to the other people in my life.

Discovering how to articulate my purpose has afforded me the ability to communicate my company's vision in a way that inspires my teams.