Speaker at STEM Career Day

Event funded by the Clinton Global Foundation

Helping inspire confidence in low-income students is one of my main volunteering efforts. Each year I speak at STEM Career Accelerator Day to encourage students from the Bronx, NY and Lexington, MA to pursue long-term careers in STEM fields. I facilitate a workshop where students attempt to build paper prototypes of “Hoppers,” a project based on the Olin College Introductory Biomimicry course, required for all students in their freshman year. The Clinton Global Initiative held the event at Dassault Systemes in Waltham, MA.

The STEMCAD is organized by STEMconnector, who helps coordinate efforts of the government and the private sector to boost STEM education across the United States. Dassault Systèmes takes part in one of the organization’s premier national campaigns: STEM Career Accelerator Day.

STEMCAD2015 seeks to connect thousands of students in grades 8-12 with dozens of high-tech companies so that the students would get a first-hand understanding of the jobs filled by STEM professionals. More than 15,000 students nationwide participate, giving them a glimpse at the career paths a STEM education could offer, and encouragement to pursue their interests in math and science.

You can read more about the event here. Dassault STEM Day

Picture of Dassault STEM Education Day