Teaching Assistant for Governor's Institute of Vermont: Entrepreneurship Program

Part of the Governor's Institute of Vermont

I volunteered as a teaching assistant at the Governor’s Institute of Vermont (GIV) summer entrepreneurship program. I talked to students about entrepreneurship, opened up avenues of inquiry, and organized activities to support the senior faculty. The students were enthusiastic and excited to come up with ideas for their companies and learn about how other entrepreneurs had succeeded in the past. My cohort visited King Arthur’s Bakery, heard from the founder of Vermont Peanut Butter, and toured a technology consultancy in Northern Vermont.

The New York Times wrote an article about the institute. You can hear some of the feedback from high school students through the GIV introduction video. Here is a link to the Entrepreneurship Institute and description about how students can earn college credit for enrolling in GIV during the summer.

The students go through chapters of the From Ideas to Action program created by two Babson students, Amy Malinowski and Stephen Chisa, for a the BELA program in Rwanda.

Picture of students in Governor's Institute of Vermont, Entrepreneurship Camp