Innovation Product Manager

Improving lives by quantifying human needs at Nielsen.

Lean Technology Development

I identify customer needs by converting big data into actionable insights; Manufacturing companies use my software to understand customers and define the organization's next innovation.

Nielsen is a global company with diverse stakeholders. To ensure my team’s solutions meet multifaceted requirements, I release rapid iterations of my product. My agile approach affords me the ability to understand what client's want, test ideas quickly, and make the best solutions possible.

I like to use my experience in the tech industry to scale the impact of socially-focused organizations.


My latest product uses evolutionary algorithms to create 1 billion+ new concepts, then tests those ideas with consumers. The algorithm empowers Nielsen to narrow down an unthinkably large idea space, to only the top three choices. Clients take action on these insights to manufacture products that are optimized for the consumer.

Role: Innovation Product Manager

Projects Managed: 5

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