Hobbies & Interests

Animation and visual storytelling

(i.e., what I nerd-out about when no one is looking).

I have always loved animation; although, I am not quite sure why.

You know how some people say they can’t get a song out of their head? Or, in my cousin's case, math and SAT prep. I think everyone has something like that. The thing their mind returns to when it is not preoccupied. For me, that thing is animated stories. Whenever I pause, sit on a park bench, or have some time to think, my mind returns to animated videos. It’s not the most practical thing, mind you. Usually, I wish my brain reverted to more useful topics, like logarithms or something. However, movies and cartoons are always what has drawn my interest, whether it be documentary, fiction, stop-motion, digital 3D, Japanese, or American.

I have my favorite studios, Lycra, Ghibli, and Pixar. I have my favorite animators, Hayao Miyazaki and John Lasseter. I love to learn about the math behind blades of grass and the process of coming up with a story. Below is a list of some of my favorite content that I thought I would share in case you are a nerd like me.

How this benefits my teams

From my love of animation, I learned how to tell and draw compelling stories. I like to use my ability to share visual customer journeys with my team. By putting customer paths in a storyline format, I can provide my teammates with a rare chance to directly empathize with our users. By showing a clear link between our work and customer, I can make my coworkers happier and more motivated to help customers by building them new solutions.

I plan to use my storytelling knowledge to build a shared understanding of the customer on my product teams in the future.