Hobbies & Interests

Animation and visual storytelling

(i.e., what I nerd-out about when no one is looking).

Animation has always captured my interest. It’s not the most practical topic in the world; I wish my brain would wander to something like algorithms or data structures, but visual stories draw me in.

All kinds of films interest me, whether they are fictional or real, stop-motion or digital, Japanese or American. My favorite studios are Lycra, Ghibli, and Pixar. I even have particular animators whom I admire such as Hayao Miyazaki and John Lasseter.

When I got older, the time I had for watching films dwindle, but the time I spent creating stories grew. I learned how to tell stories that engage audiences, share important lessons, and cultivate empathy.

The following are a few videos, books and courses I found interesting if you're curious to learn more.

How this benefits my teams

I use story structure to frame customer journeys and motivate development teams.