Curb urban isolation with community-first housing.

Affordable housing for young-adults

An Olin alum and I aimed to alleviate loneliness and isolation in urban settings by making it easier to find a community.

City stress and the lack of human connections make cause a 21% increased risk of anxiety disorders and a 39% increased risk of mood disorders. The problem will compound as people move increasingly away from their hometowns and into cities. The UN predicts there will be over 9 billion people in the world by 2050, 70% of whom will live in cities.

The primary services available to people moving to a new city advertise for space but disregard the importance of community. I decided to research why no one had solved such a widespread issue. We realized that affordable and healthy living arrangements involved complicated systems of economics, politics, culture, urban planning, and technology processes.

I researched past and current solutions, met with local leaders and uncovered intricate layers of the housing problem. My research gave me a chance to contemplate solutions which could be successful in the context of an entire society.

I use my ability to analyze intricate societal systems from the perspective of various disciplines to design solutions for societal issues. I hope to help cities and social organizations architect solutions that can make a real change to significant problems.